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HiredGun RMS

Can you provide some tips for getting started with HiredGun RMS?

The following PDF file contains step-by-step instructions on getting up and running with HiredGun RMS:

How can I get further help with HiredGun RMS?

Go to the Help Desk. Click "Submit a Ticket" and provide the information requested. We'll respond ASAP.

What is a "Repertoire Management System", specifically, HiredGun RMS?

Working musicians often have printed music (charts, lead sheets, and other media), lyrics, and media files scattered across various notebooks, CDs, cassettes, and computer files. HiredGunRMS consolidates these files into an easily managed database.

The HiredGunRMS database consists of "Items", which are small XML database files that associate a Title (let's call it "Row Your Boat") with related files and performance information. For example, the Item for "Row Your Boat" might contain the following:

  • One or more images — let say two pages of sheet music, "Row Your Boat-pg1.jpg" and "Row Your Boat-Pg2.jpg";
  • A single document file -- the lyrics, "Row Your Boat.doc";
  • A single media file -- your band's recording of "Row Your Boat.mp3";
  • One or more sound clips -- quick recordings of last week's practice for documentation of the arrangement;
  • Performance and song data: Help, Comment, Original Artist, Writer, Talent, Style, Genre, Playing Time, Tempo (BPM)

When I purchase HiredGun RMS, just what do I get?

When you purchase HiredGun RMS, you get a collection of tools specifically targeted for the working musician:

  • The HiredGun RMS Database and Runlist Creation tool;
  • HiredGunRMS "Preview" for display of images, lists, charts and text side by side or independently;
  • The HiredGun RMS "PageX" viewer for independent display of chart, set list or document (as for a singer's prompter copy.)
  • The HiredGun RMS high-accuracy Metronome, fully integrated with the Program, but useable as a stand-alone application;
  • The HiredGun RMS Stopwatch/Countdown Timer/Time of Day, also useable as a stand-alone application;
  • Extensive sample content including Basic Guitar Chords, Favorite Songs, Country Guitar Chops with video, and Talent File Example.

Accessories include:

  • Foot-pedal for hands free page turning;
  • Floor stand and extension monitor;
  • Key for multi-computer use;
  • Teacher's version for export to students Flash Drive;
  • Authoring Tool for creation of DRM content.

I'm a professional working musician — in what situations would HiredGun RMS be useful?

  • Before the gig, HiredGun RMS is a way to keep track of all the charts, lyrics, sound files and set lists that comprise your repertoire. HiredGunRMS takes the place of stacks of notebooks, shelfs of CD one-offs, and sheaves of old set lists.
  • Before the gig, create a set list from your databased items. Reorder on the fly... and save where it will be easy to re-load and modify.
  • On the gig, HiredGun RMS takes the place of a music stand. HiredGun's Preview feature allows display of any combination of charts, lyrics, and set list on a single screen or multiple screens. No hands operation with the optional foot pedal.
  • At a rehearsal, HiredGun RMS makes it easy to teach other group members a new song -- display the chart, read the lyrics, play your demo track, set tempo, use the stopwatch to check time, record the rehearsal -- all from one application.
  • In the studio, use multiple monitors to display charts for musicians. You make a change in the chart and everyone gets the change immediately! Play the demo, display lyrics for backup vocalists, use the metronome to set tempo.
  • Record clips with the integrated recorder, or "associate" DAW generated reference mixes with the HiredGun RMS Item.
  • The integrated Chart Tool helps create "Texas Tab" charts on the fly.

I'm a solo performer — would HiredGun RMS help me?

  • How does this sound -- all your charts, lyrics and backing tracks at your fingertips on every gig... in a 2 ounce flash drive!!!
  • HiredGun RMS can automatically play your backing tracks in any format supported by the media player. (The internal player requires WAV files, but HiredGun RMS fully integrates with external media players such as Windows Media Player to support MP3, WMA and even multimedia formats such as AVI.)

I give private lessons — how can I use HiredGun RMS?

HiredGun RMS associates an IMAGE (sheet music), a MEDIA file (how the piece should sound), a DOCUMENT (what the student needs to work on for this piece) and CLIPs (recorded at the lesson.) The teacher's copy allow the content to be exchanged in a format that can be read on the students home computer. No notebooks to spill, no paper to spill upon, no lost lesson notes... you get the picture! Just a Flash Drive that you can hang around the student's neck on a chain.

I write books and you mention "content creation" — how would I use HiredGun RMS?

HiredGun RMS also provides a DRM file format suitable for general, non-transferable distribution of books, sheet music, teaching materials, etc. We are working with publishers to get a wide selection of existing music in HG format.

Can I get my favorite songs in HiredGun RMS format?

HiredGun RMS files are not normally encrypted. They may be used on any computer equipped with HiredGun RMS software. However, HiredGun RMS also provides a DRM file format suitable for general, non-transferable distribution of books, sheet music, teaching materials, etc. We are working with publishers to get a wide selection of existing music in HG format.

What computer equipment is required?

HiredGun RMS is currently available only for Windows XP-SP2 and higher, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The clips recording feature uses the latest technology and is available only when using Vista and above. Though the program itself requires little space (under 5MBytes), HiredGun RMS is "data intensive" and you'll get the most use from the system if you have about 8Gigs to devote to data. If you plan to do alot of recording in high resolution formats, plan on about 32Gigs for storage. If your system is capable of running the operating system, then it will be adequate to run HiredGun RMS as well.

Can I use HiredGun RMS on all my desktop and my laptop?

If you have HiredGun RMS Key Enabled software, then just move the key from your desktop to laptop. If you're using a downloaded, password enabled system, then you'll have to get a separate license for the laptop and desktop.

Can the system be extended?

  • Footpedal for hands free use.
  • HiredGun RMS Authoring for creating content in HiredGun RMS Protected format.
  • HiredGun RMS Teacher for the music teaching professional.
  • HiredGun RMS Key Enabled system is portable from home to laptop.

How much time will it take me to set up HiredGun RMS for my repertoire?

This depends upon the size of your repertoire and your facility with your computer. If your repertoire consists of 100 songs and you're an experienced computer user, then an hour or two will get you set. If it's the first time you've touched a computer and you have 1000 songs distributed on paper and disks in seven ex-girl/boyfriend's apartments — well, at least it'll keep you busy.

HiredGun RMS is NOT a librarian — that is, it won't search your computer system's storage looking for this or that — because everyone maintains their information in a different format. It WILL provide some assistance in finding related files.

Are there any other uses for HiredGun RMS?

Well... we tend to think the uses are limitless. For example, the director of a small corporate video department might use HiredGun RMS as a Talent File -- the Image(s) are actor's head shots, the Media is the actors demo reel, the Document is the actor's resume... the clips can be audition files. So, tell us how you wind up using HiredGun RMS — surprise us!

HiredGun WEB

How is HiredGun WEB different from HiredGun RMS?

  • HiredGun WEB runs inside a web browser on any device with an internet connection. It has many of the same features as HiredGun RMS — and is used in conjunction with HiredGun RMS to provide backup and sharing options.
  • HiredGun RMS installs on Windows-based computers and has a richer set of features.

When will it be ready for public use?

Currently in development, HiredGun WEB is slated for release in June 2013.

How much will it cost?

HiredGun WEB features free accounts for viewing shared content created by other HiredGun products, and premium accounts that unlock features based on a subscription fee.