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HiredGun RMS (Repertoire Managment System)

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HiredGun RMS™ lets the working musician, music teacher, band leader and student organize lyrics, charts and sheet music, songlists, CDs, audio files and practice audio clips into one, convenient, powerful database — then create, rehearse, or perform using powerful tools and display features.

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Individual database items can include a title, tempo, key, running time, genre, style, author, talent, comments, help line, original artists, set and set order — each can be used as primary sorting criterion.

Multiple image files such as JPEG or TIFF may be stored, along with a document for lyrics, and multimedia files such as WAV, MP3, or video files.

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During the gig, use your laptop, netbook or portable computer to display your charts, lyrics, and set list.

Many display options let you choose what is shown on the screen — event connect multiple monitors, or reverse the image for use with mirror-image displays.

Move through the set with the optional foot pedal for "hands-free" page turning.

Lyric editor - Create or edit your lyrics files directly.

Chart creator - Easily create lead sheets and chord charts.

Metronome - Keep in time while rehearsing.

Timer - Choose between Stopwatch/Countdown/Time-of-Day modes.

HiredGun RMS works in conjunction with your favorite software: media players, image editors, and word processors.

Harness the powerful search capabilities of Windows (Vista and 7) to quickly find what you want.


Organize your repertoire into set lists (runlists) which may be sorted, organized, and even exported.

Display your runlists during rehearsals or performances, or print hard copies, formatted with the database information you select.

Though casual or first-time users can create set lists and organize charts with a short learning curve, advanced features allow power users to reap the greatest reward from HiredGun RMS.

Highly configurable program preferences, file export, integration with HiredGun WEB for social sharing and "cloud" file management, and a variety of features await the experienced user.

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