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HiredGun™ is not the product of a giant, faceless corporation. Nor is it designed by a team of managers, then assembled by a large programming team, each working on one tiny piece, oblivious of the whole.

No — every single line of code in HiredGun™ was created by Jim Stringer and Chris Stringer in Austin, Texas. Each is a talented programmer — together with well over 50 years of coding experience. In addition, both are hard working professional musicians in the competitive but nurturing environment of Austin.

Together, they had previously created programs such as TeleScript Pro™ (currently used by the White House to prompt US Presidents since 1994), and TeleScript AV™. HiredGunRMS was created in response to a demand for a hands-free music display program, but has become much more.

Telescript West

TeleScript West, Inc. Logo Telescript West, Inc. was founded in 1980 (incorporated in 1985) by Jim Stringer to create highly reliable software for the burgeoning personal computer market. Products created by Telescript West in this time include CLASS™ (used in school lunch rooms), StarBase (created for the Kaufmann Foundation in Kansas City), TeleScript for C-64, TeleScript PC™, TeleScript LT™, TeleScript Pro™, TeleScript AV™, TeleScript JR™ and other supporting software products. Telescript West's software has been used by everyone from Willie Nelson to Dan Rather, the Sultan of Brunei to Bill Gates.

Telescript West's creations have been most highly regarded for reliability. The TeleScript software family has logged well over 2 million hours in the most demanding situations — live television and public speaking — as well as other production environments. HiredGun uses the same DataSafe™ construction, a proprietary Telescript West technology, that has made TeleScript software so reliable.